How to Market Effectively.

Day 37 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Marketing your message effectively is one of the biggest challenges most entrepreneurs and business owners face every day.

What do you say in your copy when you write a blog, send an email, post a message on social media… that’s your copy… the words you use, the words you choose to convey your message.

Is it too strong, too vague, too soft, too confusing, too shallow?

Is it direct, on-point, specific, clear, simple?

Your purpose is to get to your prospects in a way that they feel engaged with your proposition, but in order to achieve that, you must do some homework beforehand.


Pre-selecting, pre-qualifying, and pre-targeting your audience will determine the language you use.

If your target client is a professional female, mother, married, raising children… you will speak to her about the things that are important to her… and you will tell her the BENEFITS and SOLUTIONS you bring to her to make her life easier, better, happier, etc.

If you are talking to a millennial, you will customize your message tending to what they pay attention to. Maybe your message will be shorter, more straightforward and your call-to-action will be more looking for a simple YES or NO. That’s it.

If you fail to recognize who you are talking to, your message will be wasted and no results will be the end-result.

Another point,

Have you taken the time to create a profile of the clients you want?
What are they like? What pre-qualifications do they have that make them a good potential client for you?

Not everyone is your client… Your potential client is the one that fits your profile. Period. If they don’t fit, then don’t waste any time talking about what you do.

Once you know who you are talking to and when your message is customized to that clientele, your marketing will work every time… and your sales will go up, your networth and your wealth.

Look at this topic as fun, play with it, tweak it a little until you see the results you want.

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