Email Marketing Works.

Day 38 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Email marketing can double or triple your income when used effectively.

Thanks to technology, you can send a consistent and predictable message to your prospects and clients via email.

Most businesses don’t do it.

Marketing is an ongoing component of your business… if you don’t do it, you become irrelevant in people’s minds… and that my friends, will cost you millions of dollars in revenue over time.

If you have a small list, no problem… you can always grow that list and you will grow it as you craft specific strategies to achieve that result.

Well-known successful people like Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Matt Morris, Russell Brunson, just to mention a few, send automatic daily messages to your inbox.

You might feel like they overdo it, but what they are doing is intoxicating you with their preeminent presence so you think of them first.

Is that wrong? Is that bad?

Who says… they are executing consistently on one of their marketing strategies to close more sales and build their cash flow, their networth and their wealth.

You can do the same.

Starting your own email marketing campaigns is fairly inexpensive. Look for services like GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact…


1.- Ask yourself: How can I keep myself in front of people daily at a price I can afford?

2.- Ask yourself: How can I create a campaign that is automated, but keeps me in front of people?

3.- Watch this stream and learn more about how you can effectively, consistently and sustainably use email marketing in your current business.


Remember, you are here to build your networth and every effort, every step, every activity should be geared to achieve your main goal: BUILD YOUR NETWORTH!


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