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Coffee or Real Estate?

If you can start your day with coffee, you can start investing in real estate. 🌞🏘 Coffee, you’ll pee in 2 hours. Real estate, you’ll keep forever! You don’t have to choose, either/or… you can do both! 😀😀😀 Start working towards that million today! … here is the formula, 100Kx10=1million… ask me how you can do it with Real Estate!

Buy Low – Sell High Approach.

When the real estate market is hot like now, it is super easy to sell a property at a super high inflated price to a buyer that is willing to over pay, to skip inspections and to go to a closing table even if the deal makes no financial sense at all. But, Is that smart investing? NO. Is that […]

How to Play a Good Real Estate Game.

If you want to win investing in real estate, you must be willing to learn how to play the real estate game for the long run. Simple things you got to do: Define your real estate investing style. Do it by doing it. Learn all you can.  Become a full time student forever. These 3 simple steps are some of […]

A Happy Home!

What is your definition of a HAPPY HOME? The happier you are in your personal life the easier, the better and the fastest that you will share that happiness in every aspect of your life and with the people you interact. A HAPPY HOME is where you create, you rest, you laugh, you love, you cook, you indulge, you sleep… […]