• Real Estate Developer & Investor.
  • International Best Selling Author.
  • Business Owner & Successful Entrepreneur for 20 plus years.
  • Built & Managed 3 multi-million dollar companies.
  • Built online audience to over 1.9 million viewers which continues to grow daily.
  • Personally recorded over 1,000 LIVE stream TV shows from my smartphone.
  • I Laugh. I Learn. I Live at my Best every day. I love inspiring others to do the same.


Born and raised in Holguin, Cuba.

Ms. Pino spent her early years practicing diving, appearing in many radio programs and always exceeding everyone’s expectations academically. Her parents paid special attention to her ability to learn extremely fast.

Ms. Pino spent her summer vacations with her parents in Guardalavaca Beach, in the Northern coast of the island improving her athletical skills. She vividly remembers listening to the great stories told by her father about being a better person and never giving up.

Ever since her earliest days, she loved striving for excellence in everything that she got involved. She learned early in life to fight for what she wanted to achieve.  Ms. Pino left Cuba in 1991 with many dreams and a solid knowledge in Civil Construction to come to the United States to start a new life.

She attended Miami Dade Community College. As a student she studied art, humanities, and literature. However, she could not escape the allure of creating and quickly began studying to become involved into real estate, mortgages, rehabbing properties and investing.

She began by reading every chance she had any self-improvement book. From basic literature to advanced courses, Ms. Pino’s burning desire to improve herself was uncontrollable.

She became involved in real estate, mortgages, rehabilitating properties and investing in all aspects of real estate. Ms. Pino soon borrowed a small amount of money from her relatives to buy a single family home, fixed it up and sold it for a huge profit. This was the beginning of her real estate investment career. Once she began making big profits in real estate, she never stopped. 

Ms. Pino is the founder of a land developing company in Florida where she was successfully able to raise over $35 million dollars in private funding and exceeded over $68 million dollars in sales.

She has helped many novice investors make the right decisions when purchasing properties. She mentors clients on a “one-on-one” basis so they can build up a million dollar networth in properties. She pays special attention to investment strategies, budgeting, marketing techniques and achieving goals in a timely manner.

Back in 2008, Ms. Pino decided to write a book that would teach people how to become successful. She came up with a unique concept where local businesses could also benefit from the distribution of the book by being featured in it.

The book can be used as a gift item by corporations. It will help them to promote their own businesses and increase company sales. At the same time, the people receiving the book will learn how to make more money and they will remember the company that gift them such book.

Her unique idea is actually a win-win for everyone. 

A Millionaire’s Approach“, her first book , is receiving wide acclaim among the local business owners that realize how a book can help them increase their sales.

Several prestigious organizations are already supporting Ms. Pino’s work so they can promote their businesses in her book.   

Ms. Pino is currently enjoying her passion: “Helping others become Successful” 

She continues with her Real Estate investments.

In addition, she is training, coaching, consulting and mentoring clients on a one-to-one basis in the areas of Marketing, Advertising and Sales with her successfully provenMillionaire Approach System“.


She host her own LIVE TV-SHOWS right from her SMARTPHONE every day at 12:00 noon on her dedicated TV channel: MsPinoLIVE 


   Blair Singer, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Master Trainer, RICH DAD Advisor. / Scottsdale, Arizona………. “You are a Champion of Entrepreneurship”. 


  Brian Yining Wu, University of Waterloo, lives in Vancouver, British Columbia………… “You are a woman of great heart, conviction and mind of steel. I admire you and applaud your journey. As a fellow immigrant, I am cheering you on!.”


  Carmel McGill, Nerium International, Manhattan, New York……….“Martha is a Master of Awesomeness. Her tenacity and drive will take her far and if you are lucky you will be with her, learning from her experience. Thank you!”


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