” Ms. Pino: A Millionaire’s Approach.”
Mistakes of a Self-Made Millionaire.

From 0 to Millions. Back to zero. And the new comeback.

You will learn how to become successful in today’s economy. This book will teach you how to avoid the mistakes I made while building my career.  

It is fun and easy to read. I am sure you will relate to it. I share with you many difficult situations that resulted in looking for very creative solutions. 

Learn how to focus, how to choose your ideas, how to fund your ideas, how to market and promote your business. I will teach you important lessons that will save you thousands of dollars. I share with you my biggest screw ups, and many other life-changing situations that will make you reflect on your own life right now. You will love it.

My approach is simple, real and full of energy. All throughout the book, I share useful ideas you can use to better yourself, your business and the people around you.

Learn how to make your first Million Dollar just out of one idea. Guaranteed. !!!

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