Make it the Best Day of Your Life!

Excellent morning, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 💋 💖 You can make a difference in your life… How?👇 See, there are those that dream of making it big… there are those that watch their dreams go by… and there are those that become Warriors and make their dreams a reality… The question is? 🤔👇 What are You 🫵 willing to do to make […]

Advertise your Story.

Day 49 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Everyone has a very unique, exclusive and inspiring story to share with the world… What is yours? Your own personal experiences are the fuel that can make someone instantly connect with you, want to buy from you, want to be with you, want to invest with you, want to build […]

Seal your Advertising with a Tagline.

Day 45 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! There is a simple distinction all powerful, known and successful brands have: a TAGLINE or slogan that is unique to them… and they use it on their marketing and advertising campaigns all the time. Nike: Just do it. L’Oreal: Because I’m worth it. KFC: Finger lickin’ good. Coca-Cola: It’s the […]

Advertising. Why? How? Where?

Day 43 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! How are you consuming advertisements every day? Radio? TV? Sponsored Ads? Live stream? Banners? Billboards? How are companies catching YOUR attention every single day? Why would you want to learn how to ADVERTISE your business, services and products EFFECTIVELY? Today, we share POWERFUL tips to help you simplify your process […]

Marketing “YOU”.

Day 42 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Marketing yourself is an ongoing component to grow your business and it is your responsibility. Marketing yourself is positioning YOU as the person to go-to in your area. Marketing yourself is never enough because you must keep doing it forever. Everything you share publicly is part of your marketing. Everything […]

How to Market Effectively.

Day 37 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Marketing your message effectively is one of the biggest challenges most entrepreneurs and business owners face every day. What do you say in your copy when you write a blog, send an email, post a message on social media… that’s your copy… the words you use, the words you choose […]

“YOU” and Your Unique Message.

  Day 34 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Everyone can say what they sell. Everyone can describe benefits and advantages that their products or services bring. But, your unique message is totally exclusive to you. Let’s talk about this today… In a nutshell, what do you stand for? What do you value? What do you believe in […]

“YOU” and Your Social Media.

  Day 33 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Know that if you are building a business and your online presence, you will benefit from having a consistent social media presence. However, You do not need to be on every platform. You do not need to have millions of followers. You do not need to overwhelm yourself at […]

MY SUNDAY MESSAGE: Create Excitement.

Do you want a life that excites you? Well, you got to create it. Period. Nobody is gonna do it for you. I just posted on my Twitter this message: Most people want a life that is fun, exciting, full of adventures… yet, they do the same boring things every single day praying something will change. Guess what? It won’t. […]