“YOU” and Your Social Media.


Day 33 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Know that if you are building a business and your online presence, you will benefit from having a consistent social media presence.


You do not need to be on every platform.
You do not need to have millions of followers.
You do not need to overwhelm yourself at all.


You can carefully and thoughtfully choose which platforms are a better fit for you.

You can schedule your posts ahead of time.

You can share a message that is consistent with what you are promoting.

Sharing public posts in social media platforms makes you public… and you have to be clear what you want others to know about you… and what you prefer to keep private.

There are always many eyes watching you online… they might not comment on anything, but they are quietly watching and keeping track of your life posts… so think about it well before you put yourself out there.

To build a real solid authentic online presence, you must be very clear on the content you share.


1. Revise your profile pictures across your different platforms… are they congruent, are they the same.
2. Do you have the same website links across all of them?
3. How often do you post? Too much or too little… or too much nonsense …or too much serious … or too much boring… or too much sarcasm…what is the overall tone of your messages?

Making little changes will make a huge difference on how others perceive you from the point of view of how you show up to the world in social media.

You don’t have to be fake… just be you, be authentic, be respectful… that’s all.

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