50 Shades of Real Estate.

Real Estate is one of my favorite topics to talk about and is the industry that has allowed me to become the most passionate about waking up in the mornings. Here are my 50 Shades of Real Estate that you might want to consider if you want to become a wealthy real estate investor: Ongoing forever passive income. Enjoy appreciation. […]

How to Scale and Leverage your NetWorth?

  Day 14 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Do you have a Scale and Leverage strategy?   So far on this challenge, you are now aware of where you are financially and where you intend to be in 365 days. You are aware of where to focus your attention… your income, your cashflow, your activities, your skills. […]

Visit ViamarHomes.com

Today, I want to invite you to visit our newly refreshed website www.ViamarHomes.com As many of you already know, we are building new homes in Cape Coral, Fl. Real Estate is one of my passions… and creating new homes, new opportunities, new jobs and new experiences is something that fills me up with immense satisfaction. If you want to own […]


Today, I want to invite you to think about YOUR NETWORTH. Are you building up your networth? Are you properly planning your retirement? Are you taking the right steps to build a life worth living? Most people are not… most people are simply going from day to day like zombies… from Facebook and Insta posts to the same the next […]

My eyes only see Real Estate…

Have you ever acknowledged that we are totally surrounded by real estate? Everywhere we turn, everywhere we go… there is real estate. It is so obvious. It is so absolutely in our face that only a few people take advantage of it. In a world with over 7 billions of us… there is a very small percent of people who […]

Can you Build your Wealth building Homes?

Can you build your wealth building homes?What do you need to know? Where do you start? Have ever thought about becoming a Real Estate Developer? Can you build your wealth building homes?… I will answer “YES” to this question. This show will answer many questions for you. Better yet, it will give you great insight about how can you get started […]

Our Commitment for 2021!

Welcome to 2021! Welcome to a new year! Welcome to new opportunities! Vianca & Martha… VIAMAR HOMES! 🌞🏠🥰 We are very excited to share with all our friends around the world our solid commitment to add even more value to our community of Cape Coral. We will be turning keys to many homeowners and investors this year. We will positively […]