How to Scale and Leverage your NetWorth?


Day 14 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Do you have a Scale and Leverage strategy?


So far on this challenge, you are now aware of where you are financially and where you intend to be in 365 days.

You are aware of where to focus your attention… your income, your cashflow, your activities, your skills.

What if you put in place a consistent strategy to scale your networth and use leverage to make it faster?

You must connect with an investment opportunity that allows you achieve your goals faster.

For example, real estate is my default, favorite and most reliable way to scale and leverage my networth.

Owning rental real estate give you monthly cashflow, allows you to increase and maintain your networth. You can take advantage of appreciation on the market. You can also take advantage of depreciation when doing your income taxes every year… and when done correctly… you will be able to retire wealthy in a few years just by focusing on acquiring rental real estate.

There are many other ways to invest… but, for the specific purpose of this challenge and to keep it simple… I will only mention real estate. This vehicle is the one that I am personally using every day during this challenge.

Regardless, what is your current business, job, career, you will always be able to add real estate.

All high-networth individuals own REAL ESTATE… and so can you!


1. How many rental properties will you need to acquire in order to have enough assets that you will retire wealthy?

2. How much monthly cashflow you need to retire wealthy?

3. Write it down on your notebook… by when will you be ready to retire?… put a date to it… and start working your plan.

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