50 Shades of Real Estate.

Real Estate is one of my favorite topics to talk about and is the industry that has allowed me to become the most passionate about waking up in the mornings.

Here are my 50 Shades of Real Estate that you might want to consider if you want to become a wealthy real estate investor:

  1. Ongoing forever passive income.
  2. Enjoy appreciation.
  3. You can borrow against it.
  4. You can sell it.
  5. You can rent it.
  6. You can build it.
  7. You can renovate it.
  8. You can use it to pay less taxes legally.
  9. You can create jobs.
  10. You can build entire communities.
  11. You can teach other do the same.
  12. It will never cease to exist.
  13. You can own property in any country.
  14. It gives you freedom of time.
  15. It gives you financial freedom.
  16. It allows you to help others.
  17. You can choose your own niche.
  18. You hire people you like to work for you.
  19. It is a pretty stable arena.
  20. It is not open-heart surgery, so emergencies are always fixable.
  21. You can go on vacation when you choose.
  22. There is no limit to what you can own.
  23. The more you own the easier it gets.
  24. It’s an awesome business idea.
  25. You can start and learn as you go.
  26. You decide your profit margins.
  27. You can partner up with others.
  28. Sense of accomplishment.
  29. Sense of success.
  30. Sense of fulfillment.
  31. Source of happiness and joy.
  32. Sense of responsibility.
  33. Sense of contribution.
  34. You can do it as a family business.
  35. You can teach it to your kids.
  36. You can inherit it to whoever you want.
  37. It is an honorable profession or career choice.
  38. You can build your own legacy.
  39. You don’t need a license to be a real estate investor.
  40. You will always find someone who will lend you money on a property.
  41. You decide when to buy, sell, refinance, rent, renovate or build.
  42. You can legitimally write off many expenses in your taxes.
  43. Inflation benefits you.
  44. You can do 1031 exchanges to buy even more real estate and reduce your tax bill.
  45. You don’t need to own it personally, instead put it on a company you own or control.
  46. You can always hire people to run the day-to-day operations where you don’t have to be present.
  47. You can always negotiate your own deals if you are confident in your sales skills.
  48. You control your income and your lifestyle.
  49. You can become a millionaire in a few short years.
  50. You can definitely become a billionaire as you decide to do it long term.

I trust you now have plenty of reasons why it is an awesome idea to become a real estate investor.


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