FLUSH IT OUT if it does not cashflow.

Many people buy real estate properties without first doing the math correctly to end up disappointed with the results.

I always say: DO YOUR MATH FIRST before buying properties.

Are you sure you will end up with more money than when you started?

For me, explaining investing is easy… if you put in $1 dollar or one million… do you get your initial capital back plus more?… and… how fast?… and… what are the normal potential risks?… you need to know!

Many investors buy so-called investment properties at above-market prices… which I believe it’s totally crazy to do that!… it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make a decent return on your money… and usually, it will take years before you can even break-even… and please, notice, that breaking-even “IS NOT” considered making a profit.

I am appalled by how many investors fall for it, especially when they are dealing with wholesalers, flippers and even realtors which they all have one, and only one thing in their mind: MAKE-A-COMMISSION.

But, in all honesty, it is not their fault or their responsibility to decide for you. You, and only you, as an investor, has the absolute responsibility to choose which real estate deal is indeed a good investment for you based on your current, present and future real-estate-investment-goals.

In my case, I prefer to buy vacant lots to build brand new single family homes… that way I build up my rental portfolio… I create local construction jobs… I contribute to the local economy by paying property taxes… and… I provide a wonderful home to a family!

But, in all of that, I do it because I first took the time to DO MY NUMBERS… and I ended up with a positive cashflow situation… which validates my decision to invest in real estate.

How about you?

Be inspired to reach out, connect directly with us… we will be happy to share with you how we can help you do the same.



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