Real Estate Roots.

What are your Real Estate Roots?

It all starts at HOME!

If you take the time to backtrack, study and connect your dots backyards, you will understand how you feel, think and act about your real-estate-mindset the way you do as an adult.

How was your house when you were a kid? Did you like it? Did you feel safe at home? Did you have your own room or did you share it with others? Was your house big or small? Was your house pretty or old? Did your parents own several homes?

Answering these basic questions will give you a pretty good perspective on how you grew up around any real estate.

Now, as an adult, what is your position about owning any real estate? Do you actually own any real estate property?

If, YES, what made you do that?

If, NO, why not?

I personally lived in the same house with my parents for 20 years until we moved to the United States of America to start a new life.

The house I grew up was a typical Spanish-looking home in Cuba.

The roof in the living room was so bad that I was always worried thinking if one day it was going to cave in… and on the days that rain hit, there was water dripping to the floor everywhere. I really didn’t like that at all.

I got to enjoyed my own room at the age of 9 yrs old only after my grandparent’s left the country and there was an empty bedroom, which of course, I was able to enjoy.

It is not accident that I chose to become a Civil Construction professional in Cuba… I thought that I could help fix houses because pretty much everyone in our block had some kind of issue with their homes and in addition to that, I realized that no matter where in the world I would be, I will always be able to help create pretty houses.

Real Estate will never cease to exist!

Being in the USA for over 30 years now, I am still very passionate about building homes.

Better yet, I am currently invested in building many new homes in Florida… I love what I do!

Owning real estate is an excellent way to create wealth, stability, income and legacy… I want to inspire you to change your real-estate-mindset to better serve you and your family.

Reach out directly to us! We will help you build your wealth with real estate!



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