Does Size Matters?

Week 47…

Day 316 – 322… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Does size matters? … ask a woman.

Does size matters? … ask a man.

Size does matters… the size of your business matters and also the size of your ticket items.

Building a business is a lot of work and so is working for a salary or small commissions.

Today, I want to inspire you to pay attention to the size of your time versus money… the price you get for your time and your biggest product or service.

Thinking small is not by any means any better than thinking big… having a big ticket item and getting paid big bucks every time is always better!

I take the big ticket item every time.

It takes the same effort with less work and a bigger pay out to do a small ticket item than a big ticket item… the difference is the skills required to accomplish it and the rewards.

Scaling your business is about your ability to design a plan, a strategy that allows you to get more results with less effort, less time and less headaches.

Today, think very seriously about how you can scale your business at least 10 times… and what will that do for you.

How scaling your business 10X will change your life forever?

Get out of survival-mode.

Get into thriving-mode, success-mode, and happy-mode.

Do you have a big ticket item that allows you to jump from survival-mode to thriving-mode?

If not… create it now.

Working for small salary, small commissions, small dividends do not help you achieve the level of financial freedom that you seek.

A big ticket-item gives you feeedom and space to create more of the same… don’t work more hours… let your big ticket item do the leverage for you so you can enjoy life the way you want.

The bigger the ticket item, the faster and easier you will build your income, your cash flow, your networth and your wealth!

More next week!

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