What’s your Advertising R.O.I.?

Day 44 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Do you know what is your ROI on your advertising? Do you know your Return on Your Investment?

Today, I bring forward this important topic because I have found that many entrepreneurs and business owners take this topic very lightly… and not paying attention to this, will make you lose money, time and energy that otherwise, you can use a lot more effectively to grow your business.

Spend time determining which is the best, most effective, most efficient way to deliver your message (((advertise your products))) in a way you know you can afford…

Spend time determining the most effective way you can track your results; for example: your leads, your follow ups, your presentations, your appointments, your sales, your money out of pocket, your man-hours… REMEMBER, it is your business you are building, so stop whining and complaining that it is too much work.


Watch stream to learn more:


You want to be successful, right? right?… well it takes commitment, strategy, passion and the belief that you will get there.

Simply said: “When your advertising is working, you make money”. And when you make money, your networth grows.


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