Promotional Items Marketing.

Day 40 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Promotional items is a 23.3 billion dollars industry and most businesses do not use it that much.

It is estimated that people who get free promotional items tend to keep them for an average of 8 months… that means that for literally pennies you can be in front of a client or future client for months.

Now, if you combine promotional items marketing with an additional method like direct mail selling… you can give the promotional item for free and at the same time make an offer that they can’t refuse because it is a definite YES.

This strategy alone can increase 20-30% your overall revenue, your networth and your wealth.


Think about the items that are the best fit for you… journals, pens, caps, t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, towels, magnets, key chains, picture holders.

Since you know who your ideal client is, send  them something they will appreciate, they will value and they will remember who sent it.

Figure out your cost involved… the cost of the item itself, the mailing cost… and compare it to the value you receive out of one client.

Let’s say that you make $1,000 a year from one client and that your promotional marketing campaign will cost you $3.00… then your overall cost is 0.30%… and your overall return is 99.7%… now, does it make financial sense to you to activate a strategic promotional marketing campaign? … you bet, it does!

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