What-Works Tips after 23 years of LOVE! and much more!

This month of March, 2019, Vianca and I are celebrating 23 years of our wonderful relationship… and I don’t say this lightly… we have had many many many challenges to overcome: financial loss, family illnesses, foreclosures, repossessions, electric service cut off, water service cut off, businesses closing down and even the loss of a child, our 19 years old Victor.

I know, it has not been an easy walk in the park… but even after all of that, if there one single thing in the world that has survived is our huge pure love.

Today, I can tell you that if it wouldn’t have been for the true love we has for each other, I don’t have the slightest idea how my life would have turn out to be after the sudden loss of my son Victor.

Thanks to Vianca’s love, patience, compassion and persistence… I have been able to cope with all my life’s dealings… and for that, I will always be so thankful and grateful to her. ❤❤❤❤❤

Now, I am ready to share with you my 10 simple things we do regularly to keeps us going happy and sexy!

1. We laugh often, every day, for simple things.

2. We make it a purpose to have sit down dinners daily regardless of our busy days.

3. We prefer <you-and-I time alone> VS… [Time with other people]… (We got stuff to talk about just the two of us.)

4. We respect each other’s wants and needs without questioning it.

5. We celebrate and respect our own individual styles…we are not twins sisters or brothers, or any other group…lol…😁

6. We are brutally honest with each other even when we know we are not going to like what we have to say.

7. We always sleep in the same bed, even if we are mad. We find a way to come to bed because we chose to be with each other even when we are mad… lol… 😁

8. We have date-nights at least 1 night per week any given night of the week…it is not scheduled… it is totally spontaneous… and we make it a purpose to be mind-blowing. ❤😁🎊

9. We are always wanting to contribute to each well-being on a daily basis.

10. We love to party together, work together, do business together… because we chose that, because we want to, because we love each other that much and we show it in our own personal way!

We wish you that wherever you are in your world, in your life and in your business… you can enjoy what we do every day… it is fun to love, live and party with the same partner for a long time… it is a privilege and we got to cherish it every day.

With much love, see you in my next blog!

~ Ms. Pino.

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