Success takes many Repeats!

Many of you don’t know this, but I was coached by the best trainers of the Cuban National Diving Team, Francisco Ferrer and his wife Susana… they made me jumped from the boards at least 100 times each day… it was very high performance and after hard work it won me gold, silver and bronze medals. ❤

Now, after so many years, I come to realize that they prepared me to be a winner. They taught me how to be resilient.  They coached me day by day to make me realize my own greatness… and I deeply thank them so very much… and I want to pass this forward to as many people as possible simply because, we all want to win our own games… we want to win our love relationships… we want to win our careers, our retirement goals, our travel goals, our health goals, our children goals, and every single goal we think about.

How do you do it?

“BY DOING IT!”… this is my own favorite quote from my book “A Millionaire’s Approach”… and it is that simple!

See you on my next blog!

With much love, Ms. Pino.




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