100 #MillionaireApproach MINDSET Questions.

When asked the question: “Do you want to be a millionaire?”… most people will say, “Not really, money is not important to me” or they will say: “Money is not everything, there are other things more important than money”… but silently, they wish to have lots and lots of money so they don’t have to go to work every day to a job they hate, be able to travel freely, have the home of their dreams and much much more… BUT, the big problem is that they have never being taught HOW TO THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.



It is not that difficult! Believe me! We all have amazing ideas that can be turn into millions of dollars when you know how to do it.


Get yourself started, provoked, poked, inspired to answer each of these questions by yourself and feel free to share with others… to become a millionaire you first MUST LEARN TO THINK, ACT and EXECUTE LIKE ONE.

 100 #MillionaireApproach Mindset Questions.

1. Do you make your bed every day consistently before you leave your home?

2. Do you shower at least once every day, preferably twice each day?

3. Do you make a priority to have a family sit down dinner with your loved ones regardless of your schedule?

4. Do you make time each day for your personal development?

5. Do you routinely exercise daily, whether you do just walking, swimming, running or go to the gym?

6. Do you visit high-end hotels regularly?…or… You never do.

7. Do you dine in fancy restaurants regularly?… or You never do?

8. Do you tip extremely well for services rendered, like car wash, dry cleaners, babysitting, waitresses, bell boys, taxis, nails, hair dresser, barbers, landscape, valet parking, live entertainment, etc…?

9. Do you shop in high end stores regularly? …or any store is fine?

10. Do you drive top of the line luxury vehicles? …or any car will do?

11. Do you treat every one you meet with kindness, respect and compassion regardless of the position, activity or service they are doing?

12. Do you tend to meet with people in any  Starbucks, small cafes? …or… do you choose any of the Ritz Carlton’s hotel lobbies or the likes around your city?

13. Do you dress accordingly for your meetings and events?

14. Do you use paper plates or nice China for your daily meals?

15. Do you drink cheap wines, like: who cares?  …or do you set a minimum standard (minimum wine points) for the wines of your choice?

16. Do you purposefully select who do you spend time with or it doesn’t matter to you?

17. Do you purposefully invest time learning about successful and ultra successful people around the world regularly? …or… you never thought about that!

18. Do you purposefully choose uplifting, fun, happy, loving lyrics when listening to music?

19. Do you watch negative news regularly or is this totally out of your radar?

20. Do you easily criticize and blame others? …or… do you own your mistakes with pride and total awareness?

21. Do you focus mainly on problems for a long time or do you focus on finding solutions, new alternatives rather quickly?

22. Do you feel that you live in a world of total abundance or a world of lack, not enough and scarcity?

23. Do you drive aggressively or are you courteous with everyone in the road?

24. Do you honor people’s time or do you simply don’t care if you are late?

25. Do you have a concise clear plan to achieve absolute financial freedom in the next 5 years? … or simply no plan at all?

26. Do you know for a fact, what are those things that will assure you, you have achieved the level of success you are working on to achieve?…or… you have actually never thought of it in details?

27. Do you tend to take action immediately or do you tend to wait, dwell and procrastinate?

28. Are you more of a giver or are you more of a taker?

29. Do you have a sense of when is appropriate to say “NO” …or… are you mainly a people’s pleaser and say “YES ” most of the time?

30. Do you speak your mind with respect or do you blow steam, scream and get easily upset at any challenging event in your life?

31. Do you know what legacy will you be leaving in this world or do you have no clue right now?

32. Do you focus more on budget or in quality when buying anything you want?

33. Do you see yourself living 365 days every year as a self-made millionaire in the future? …or… there is no way you can get there in the next 5 to 10 years?

34. Do you feel that you have what it takes to become a self-made millionaire? … or that is simply not for you?

35. Do you personally interact with millionaires on a regular basis? … or you simply have no access to anyone at that level?

36. Do you spend more time creating assets? … or… do you spend more time creating, buying liabilities?

37. Do you focus more in increasing your income? … or… do you spend more time spending more of your current income?

38. Do you focus more in reducing or eliminating your current liabilities? … or… do you keep adding more debt to your current ones?

39. Do you easily admit when you are wrong? …or… do you tend to explain, defend and excuse your position most of the time?

40. Do you pay more attention to what others say about you? … or… do you simply do not care what other’s opinions of you are?

41. Do you fully love your physical body the way it is right now? … or… do you find flaws in it as you read this question?

42. Do you usually order the cheapest dish on the menu? … or…  do you order what your heart’s desires to eat in that moment?

43. Do you gracefully pay your yearly taxes to the government? …or… do you fuss and whine about it every year?

44. Do you consider yourself to hold a high standard on every thing that you do? …or… do you just do what you can even if it is of mediocre quality at times because is better than nothing?

45. Do you hang out, go out to dinners, vacations and parties with millionaire friends? … or… do you hang out with people with regular jobs and small dreams?

46. Do you talk about growing your net worth? …or… do you usually talk about a salary increase or a bonus?

47. Do you usually order from the Happy Hour menus? … or… do you order from the A La Carte menu as you please?

48. Do you service your vehicle at the dealership? … or… do you take it to the cheapest place around?

49. Do you usually valet park your car? … or… do you self-park and then walk to the entrance of the hotel or restaurant or mall?

50. Do you preferably buy name brands? … or… simply any brand will do?

51. Do you actively and constantly look for new investments and opportunities? … or… do you give no mind to such a thing?

52. Do you choose your words carefully and positively on your daily conversation? … or… do you express yourself with a lot of can’t, won’t, and negative connotations?

53. Are you generally in a happy mood? …or… are you generally in a pissy, upset, unhappy and resentful mood?

54. Do you resent rich and wealthy people? …or… do you admire and bless their wealth?

55. Do you see yourself more as a leader? … or… do you see yourself more as the person that nobody will ever follow?

56. Do you know what are your best skills in business and in life? …or… have you never really thought about this at all?

57. Do you regularly have a good night sleep?…or… do you have sleep inconsistency very often?

57. Do you know what your ideal millionaire home looks like, feels like?

58. Do you know what your ideal luxury car looks like, feels like, sounds like, drives like?

59. Do you know what your ideal luxury vacation looks like, feels like?

60. Do you know what your ideal love relationship looks like and feels like?

61. Do you know how YOU, being a millionaire, will look like, will feel like, will behave like?

62. Do you know what most millionaires invest their money in?

63. Do you treat your pets and other people’s pets respectfully? …or… you see them simply as just pets?

64. Do you publicly celebrate other people successes? … or… you pretend you don’t see them, therefore you never celebrate anyone but yourself?

65. Do you act with kindness and compassion with others with whom you are having a problem or a challenge? …or… Do you unleash your anger, frustration and say things you later regret?

66. Do you tend to invalidate, discount or trash other people’s ideas, projects or endeavors when you don’t like them, understand them? … or… Do you look for getting yourself to know more, understand more of what this unknown idea is to you at the moment?

67. Do you know what your best #1 business skill is? …your 2nd best business skill? …your 3rd best business skill?

68. Do you know what your best contribution to this world is or will be? …or… you have no clue at this moment?

69. Do you have confidence in your ability to EXECUTE your ideas, your plan to become successful in this lifetime? …or… do you think that it will be impossible for you to do it because you need sooooooooo much?

70. Do you love money? … or… do you resent not having enough?

71. What are your conversations like, happy, fun and full of positive energy? …or… do you mainly talk about the problems all day long?

72. Do you participate or comment on those blogs, posts or tweets that are carrying negative connotations, criticism, blaming or any negative outlook? …or… do you absolutely choose to move on and do not even entertain such content at all?

73. When you buy groceries, do you throw them on the counter like nothing? … or… do you carefully place them with care on the counter?

74. When you are upset, do you say whatever comes to your mind without caring? … or… do you think before you speak even if you are really upset, mad and pissed off?

75. Are you open to share experiences with people you dont know or just met easily? … or… are you very reserved about sharing experiences with others regardless if you know them or not?

76. Do you mingle easily with other people? …or… do you stand by yourself and watch what others do without interacting?

77. Do you anxiously wait to receive your tax refund every year? …or… do you happily pay your dues and move on?

78. Do you mainly pay full price for things you want? …or… do you bargain, discount and nickel dime every thing you want to purchase?

79. When you meet with people about business, do you keep your phone on top of the table or in your hand the whole time?… or… do you put it away, completely out of sight and reach, until your meeting is over?

80. Do you enjoy walking into a bar by yourself and ordering a drink alone? … or… do you need company, otherwise you wouldn’t do it alone?

81. Do you accept and respect other people’s religions? …or… do you only entertain those people who has, practice and preach your own?

82. Do you accept, respect and embrace other people’s sexual orientation different than yours? …or… do you quietly dislike, disprove and reject them around or near you?

83. Do you embrace people with a criminal background? …or… do you want nothing to do with those people regardless the circumstances?

84. Do you save until the last drop your toothpaste, hair gel, deodorant, body lotion, perfume, wine, beer? … or… do you recognize it is time to let go and get a new replacement with no guilty feelings?

85. Do you tend to save the plastic containers you get when you bring home some food because you can use them later, just in case? … or… do you throw them away, plain simple?

86. Do you hoar, collect any items? Caps? Souvenirs? Shirts? Bags? Beer glasses? … or… do you go to places, and enjoy the moment without collecting a reminder of the moment?

87. Can you be away from your phone for a full day, 2, or 3 days without feeling guilty? … or… that is totally impossible for you in today’s world?

88. When you invite someone for lunch or dinner with a business interest,  do you immediately pick up the bill? … or… do you wait to see if the other party offers to pay or split the bill?

89. When you can’t meet your financial obligations or contracts, do you avoid to face your responsibility? …or… do you face them head on?

90. In your sexual life, are you always more willing to please? … or… are you more inclined to be personally satisfied instead?

91. When you give advice, services, money, friendship, love… are you giving it without expecting nothing back? … or… do you feel you deserve a fair treatment back?

92. When someone attacks you personally or in public, do you react by attacking them back? … or… do you sort out the situation to look for a quick resolution to avoid further conflict?

93. Do you regularly have a good sense of humor? … or… are you a pain in the ass most of the time?

94. Are you a naturally happy, upbeat, full of energy person? … or… are you slow, down and easy going with low energy levels?

95. Do you throw garbage out of your car window? …or… is this something you never do?

96. Do you regularly follow financial news, markets and advisors? … or… do you never pay attention to how the economy is doing because it is a waste of your time?

97. Do you discriminate against race and religion? …or… do you embrace people like they are?

98. Have you studied, figured out, analyzed how much money you must have in order to sustain your lifestyle when you no longer can work? … or… do you think the government will take care of you?

99. Do you believe that PASSIVE income is the way to enjoy your life without having to slave in a job or a business? … or… do you think that this concept is only reserved for the rich, smart and young people?

100. Have you strategized to create multiple streams of income? … or… is this totally new to you?


I trust that these questions have moved you in the direction of abundance, prosperity, happiness that we all want and that we all deserve… You must be willing to change, modify and adapt to a new mindset altogether… you must adopt a new attitude… you MUST TRAIN yourself to THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE FIRST… AND YOU WILL BECOME THAT MILLIONAIRE!

A Millionaire’s Approach is about bringing yourself UP to a higher standard, to high-performing, to going 100% all-in, to making yourself a better person than you were yesterday and pushing yourself to go to your own next level… and yes… it is also about enjoying living your life at the very best with millions of dollars at your reach!


See you soon on my next blog or on my next LIVE stream!


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Thank you for watching and for sharing around the world!


~ Ms. Pino.

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