Your Friends.

Week 40… Day 269 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 96 more days to go!

As your networth change and you continue to build wealth, chances are that your so-called-friends will also change.

Don’t feel bad for them.  Don’t compromise your feeling-good and successful state for friends that are not doing the work you are willing to do.

If you find yourself always paying the bill when you go out with your friends, it’s time to renew your friends.

If you can’t really talk about your dreams and their dreams and what you’re all excited to achieve in the near future, it’s time to renew your friends.

If you realize that your friends are more interested in indulging in alcohol, drugs, group sex, gossiping and negative conversations, it’s urgent that you exit that circle immediately.

It is up to you to make a decision!

Your true friends will celebrate your success. They will inspire you to do more and do better. They will support you in case you need it without questioning why you need the help.

Usually, those good friends are very few and very select ones… and that’s just fine!

You choose to keep your friends or renew your circle.

People usually say that it is lonely at the top… but, those you say it are those that have never being there… At the top, there is more space, the oxygen is cleaner, is where the super achievers hang out, is the place where you breathe success at many levels… because all of those who are at the top have put the work, the sweat, the energy, the sacrifice, the work ethics, the consistency, the persistence and they have showed up 100%.

Now, you decide where you want to be and with which friends you want to hang out.

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