Week 40… Day 268 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 97 more days to go!

As you build wealth, one of the topics you’ll definitely explore is PRIVACY.

How private do you want to be? What are you willing to share publicly or not?

You better be aware that whatever you share in any social media is totally public and it can be used against you by anyone.

If you’re constantly sharing where you go, what you do,  who you are with, where you live, where you travel, which stores you shop… know that now your life is public… and even though sharing it can be fun… at the same time, you are also exposing yourself to crazy people that might be envious of your success and your wealth… and those people could put you and your family at risk of feeling unsafe.

Most celebrities feel that way, very unsafe and they lack many aspects of their privacy. They can’t enjoy a simple walk at a park, going to CVS to buy aspirin or even vacation in complete privacy without a preying eye looking at them and then sharing further to make a buck.

Do you want that for you?

The answer is yours. There’s no right or wrong here… it is simply what you choose for you.

Be aware. Be present. Be mindful of your safety and privacy.

People outside your circle don’t need to know every step you take, especially if you are not pursuing fame or public recognition.

You are better off with your wealth and be able to enjoy it at your leisure, in privacy and in a safe environment.

You choose!

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