Emotions We Must Heal: Depression.

Day 72 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Another emotion that is being very silently present in today’s reality is depression. Especially after covid-19, many people feel depressed. They don’t understand why. They feel not happy at all. They don’t even know what to do to feel better.

And those people going through this right now might be your employees, your vendors, your subcontractors, even yourself or a close family member.

Your Emotional Health matters a lot.

Your Emotional Health is imperative for you to achieve success.

Be mindful to look out for signs of depression on those who are close to you at home and at work… and be willing to help out.

Depression might be expressed in a mild form, like not interested, lack of inspiration, lack of desire or performance to reach new goals.

Depression might also be expressed in behaviors like, not wanting to even take a shower for days, lack of social contact, crying, sadness, loneliness, not wanting to get out of bed.


As you are building your networth, take a look around, including yourself, and assess if there is anyone in your immediate circles who might need some help to feel better, to perform better… your help and support is not about you making more money… is about you helping a human being save his/her life.

Find out what local support groups exist in your area.

Find out a local hotline that they may connect with to get help now

Emotional Health matters! … do the most you can to help out!


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