Emotions We Must Heal: Grief.

Day 71 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Our Emotions are the thermometer that lets us know how we feel, how we are doing and that determines the way we act, react and execute in our business and in our lives every day.

Emotional bleeding creates even more financial bleeding… and your awareness of it, may help you stop yourself from sabotaging your wonderful ideas and projects for your future.

Grief is not only related to losing a loved one like we must associate it with.

Many people grieve everyday due to the lack of personal fulfillment, a loving relationship, and definitely lack of financial success… and they do it quietly, silently and making sure nobody knows about it to avoid further embarrassment and shame.

Going from Financial grieving to Financial Healing is necessary to everyone in your business, in your team, the people we all deal with.


1. – Take a look at your life and see if you can find an area where you are grieving about… anything, any area.

2. Accept your current feelings and emotions… let them flow.

3. Start to transform that hurt into a more positive approach… you will probably find a better feeling space after you relieve some of that pain you are carrying with you.

4. Assess who in your direct team is grieving and help them feel better.

Sometimes the grief you have will be definitely attached to some event in your life that has totally gotten you out of your personal-life emotional balance, so it will be challenging to overcome such events. However, it is necessary to let go of the old story… and program  a new better-serving story in your life now.


I personally know from experience that is not easy, but I also know that is possible.

Stop grieving and start healing… heal your emotions and you will also heal your finances.

To build a big networth, you must be emotionally suited to deal with the responsibilities that monies and assets bring.


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