Your Vision for Your Team.

Day 66 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

As a leader, as a business owner,  as an entrepreneur… you must be clear what your vision is… what are you working towards to achieve… and your team must have it clear as well.

Your vision as a team leader must be laser-focused.

Knowing what you are building will allow you to share that vision to everyone in your team… your employees, your associates, your vendors, your clients, your family members… everyone!

If you can’t articulate your vision, you can’t build your business, and you won’t build your networth.

You must become the single most educated person in your team that is responsible for sharing that higher vision, that business plan, that execution strategy.

You must be the person who knows the numbers, the people needed, the timeframes, the clients wanted, the profit margins, the cost of goods or services… everything about your business… because you are the one leading the team.

There are many responsibilities to deal with when you are building a business, yet, they are all worth it… They will give you life. They will give you purpose.

And the wonderful thing is that once you have a clear vision of what it’s that you’re building… you can carry out that vision for the rest of your lifetime… and that is creating a life that you will love!


Work on making your vision for your business and for your life the vehicle that will give you meaning and purpose for the rest of this lifetime.

This will empower you beyond your own beliefs.


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