How to Create an Awesome Team.

Day 65 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

When you are building a team to build your business, one essential skill to be highly careful about is being flexible over being rigid.

Too much of either one is detrimental to your success.

However, you must know when to be flexible and when to be firm.

I purposefully chose the word “firm” right here over “rigid” because they mean different things.

Rigid… in my way of looking at it, means being inflexible, stubborn, not listening to others points of view to evaluate issues, challenges and circumstances in the course of regular business.

Firm… on the other hand, means being clear, balanced, strategic, convinced in your approach to a particular situation, which leads to having others agree with you, cooperate with you and support you in order to achieve the common agreed-upon results… in any case, building a successful business.


Flexible… refers to being willing and open to bend the rules a little when needed in order to achieve better goods.

In your team, you will have different types of personalities with different levels of skill sets doing different activities to achieve different results or tasks… Your job is to orchestrate and have them all working together in alignment, easy flowing, in a way that leads to bigger results where everyone involved feels important, acknowledged, accounted for and celebrated.

The better the team, the bigger the success!


Take inventory of who is doing what in your team.

Rate their performance… Are they doing a good job?

What can they do better? Tell them in a nice way so they improve their performance.


Rate yourself… Are you doing a good job as a team leader?

What can you do better? Tell yourself nicely.


Do it,  by doing it!

Being open to improving performance leads to higher and bigger results… and to build a big networth both, performance and results must be evaluated on a consistent basis.


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