Which Skills will Impact your Networth?


Day 11 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Take inventory of your skill sets. Are your current skills good enough to make you earn all the income you need?

What if you need to update your skills?
What are these new skills you now need to acquire in order to adapt to the new economy, the new way to earn your money?

You got to figure that way…QUICKLY!

If you’re stubborn to keep doing it your way, you’re going to struggle.

Invest time in mastering skills like, marketing, advertising, sales, public speaking and closing deals.

You want results. You need to be effective, efficient and profitable as much as possible.

If you know you need help in those skills mentioned above, then, start making time to incorporate at least 30 minimum of your day to learn and improve those skills… nobody can do it for you… only you can do it… and it takes discipline, commitment and persistence… it is all up to you.

When you master a particular skill better than anyone else, you will become rich.

Look at Tiger Woods… golf.
Look at Jennifer Lopez… singing, acting.
Look at Ellen de Generes… talk show, comedy.
Look at Elon Musk… Tesla.
Look at Serena Williams… tennis.

They are all experts, authorities in their field, influencers… they have worked more than anyone else to achieve mastery levels… and so can you at what you do… and when you do, you will enjoy the same benefits they do… it is law!


1. Make a list of the top 5 skills you need to master in order to dominate your industry, your local market and your city.

2. Then, get to work on them for the rest of this challenge. Incorporate training-time as part of your new success habits.

3. Watch these 3 streams…




I trust you have already gotten lots of valuable tips, advice and recommendations for today… now, start implementing them in your daily business.


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