Men Mentors to Follow.

Here are 31 Men Mentors you can follow… one per day… If you are like me and you get easily bored, if you love variety, if you are ADHD, if you love to have options, if you love to explore different points of views, if you love to learn from different schools of thoughts… those men will for sure add tremendous value to your daily life.

With Jordan Belfort at an event in Miami.


1. Abraham Hicks.
2. Jay Abraham.
3. Dan Peña.
4. Jordan Belfort
5. Ray Dalio.
6. Seth Godin.
7. Jack Canfield.
8. Bob Proctor.
9. Grant Cardone
10. Peter Diamandis.
11. Warren Buffet
12. Bill Gates.
13. Donald Trump
14. Robert Kiyosaki
15. Winston Churchill
16. Dale Carnegie
17. Napoleon Hill
18. Zig Ziglar.
19. Simon Sinek.
20. Tony Robbins.
21. Richard Bandler.
22. Brian Tracy.
23. Elon Musk.
24. Steve Jobs.
25. John Assaraf.
26. Vishen lakhiani.
27. Robin Sharma.
28. Gary Vee.
29. Joe Dispenza.
30. John Maxwell.
31. Greg Louganis.

There many many more super successful men Mentors you can follow… this is just to get you started for the next 31 days.

Feel free to explore on your own!

Simple… go to YouTube, type their names and learn from their success, their businesses and their lives.

That’s a #MillionaireApproach to Life!

In the meantime, watch this livestream!… and be inspired to join our Network…

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