Women Mentors to Follow.

Which of these women inspires you the most? Which of these women will teach you powerful lessons to make you go higher?


Yesterday, I shared Men Mentors…

Today, let’s focused on Women Mentors. Once a day!

1. Esther Hicks.
2. Ms. Pino. (I don’t YouTube… all my videos are on my website www.MsPino.com only.)
3. Vianca Pino. (visit www.ViancaTV.com)
4. Queen Elizabeth.
5. Brene Brown.
6. Marie Forleo.
7. Suze Orman.
8. Julie Stav.
9. Mel Robbins
10. Barbara Corcoran.
11. Caitlyn Jenner.
12. Louise Hay.
13. Cindy Eckert.
14. Kim Kiyosaki.
15. Julia Landauer.
16. Dr. Tracy Lynn.
17. Folorunsho Alakija.
18. Oprah Winfrey.
19. Theresa Payton.
20. Margaret Thatcher.
21. Lisa Nichols.
22. Sarah Thomas.
23. Martha Stewart.
24. Jane Fonda.
25. Marci Shimoff.
26. Mary Kay.
27. R. K. Rowling.
28. Tory Burch.
29. Sara Blakely.
30. Tamara Mellon.
31. Sophia Amoruso.

Of course, this is just a starting point for you to get yourself going for the next 31 days.

Go to YouTube. Type their names, except for myself and Vianca which you will find all our content directly on our individual websites.

There many other amazing women around the world who will teach you, inspire you and provoke you to take action today.

Today, meet my lovely wife Vianca:

Enjoy this beautiful day and we will meet again tomorrow!

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