Father’s Day is to be Celebrated!

In celebration of Father’s Day this year, we want to acknowledge all the fathers, dads and daddy’s around the world. Who is or was the most significant father-figure for you? We all have one. Maybe more than one. When you think about it, we all have those amazing memories that taught us valuable lessons since we can remember. In my […]

25 yrs. of Love 💘

Today we celebrate our 25 yrs. anniversary… what an amazing experience. We have grown together, raised 2 boys, one yorkie, built several businesses, gone through really difficult times, gone on many vacations, shared many wonderful meals and we have never being separated ever. We love each other, we respect each other… and I personally look forward to enjoying the rest […]

International Women’s Day: I celebrate Vianca!

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day and I truly want to honor my lovely wife Vianca. She is sweet, kind and funny. She is firm, tough and will give you a straight-talk. She is loving, an excellent mother and the most loyal business partner everyone will ever want. And additionally, she cooks wonderfully! Enjoy this livestream… we did it a […]


Awesome Sunday everyone, Often people complain that they need help, that they need someone who teach them how to do something they don’t know… especially when it comes to business. Often people want a coach or a mentor. And where we are with the technology today… that is the easiest thing in the world to do… and it will not […]

Women Mentors to Follow.

Which of these women inspires you the most? Which of these women will teach you powerful lessons to make you go higher? ALL OF THEM! Yesterday, I shared Men Mentors… Today, let’s focused on Women Mentors. Once a day! 1. Esther Hicks. 2. Ms. Pino. (I don’t YouTube… all my videos are on my website www.MsPino.com only.) 3. Vianca Pino. (visit […]