Feeling of… HOPEFULNESS.

Day 79 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! HOPEFULNESS is a bit stronger positive feeling than contentment. It is more like, things are starting to go my way and I have good expectations of the outcome.  Feeling hopeful while building your business will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. When […]

Emotions We Must Heal: Doubt.

Day 76 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Both, in life and in business, we all arrive at that spot where we don’t know which way to go. What is the best direction? Which is the right decision? Do I go this way or that way? Do I move forward or backward? Do I go right or left? […]

Why Love Selling.

Day 50 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! Do you love to sell your business, your services, your products and yourself? If you are like most people… you might really dread selling stuff… the idea of talking to people, offering your services and products, seeing their reactions, and dreading to hear a “NO”… is totally devastating to our […]

How to Reprogram your Mind for Success.

Today, I share my own philosophy for Success. By age 10, I was already playing a high-performing game. I was a high-performing athelete. I was a diver. I jumped from 1, 3 and 10 meters high. My coach was really tough on me, but I am glad she was that way. She taught me to play the best game, better […]


Really Awesome day to launch the #GONETWORTHING 365 days CHALLENGE to build wealth. Are you ready to join? Are you ready to commit? It is FREE to participate and it is intended to help you laser-focus on one goal only:  Build wealth, build your networth. Instead of procrastinating, simply take action now and join…. www.GoNetworthing.com Every day you will receive […]

MY SUNDAY MESSAGE: Prepare to Succeed.

Happy Sunday to all my friends around the world… Today, I want to invite you to prepare yourself to succeed. Today is perfect to commit to join me and many others to begin a new life-experience… commit to follow-thru for the next 365 days challenge to build wealth. Most people wake up everyday to go to a job or a […]

How to deal with BIG projects?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have amazingly big ideas to turn into new projects and with them come lots of facets to deal with. BIG projects take time. BIG projects require lots of focused attention. BIG projects demand an excellent team in place. BIG projects can carry big risks, delays and even potential losses. Is is worth it? … absolutely, […]

Obstacles = Expansion in your Life.

How do you deal with obstacles? How do you handle problems? How do you manage your daily challenges? Today, we share 7 simple and very powerful tips to help you find SOLUTIONS. We all have challenges, problems and issues to deal with on a daily basis…and how we deal with them will determine the quality of our life…so, the more […]