100% Focus.

Day 125 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! What are you EXACTLY doing this year to earn the kind of money you are looking to earn? What I mean is??? … that one business, … that one activity, … that one service, … that one product, SIMPLIFY YOURSELF! SIMPLIFY YOUR MIND! SIMPLIFY YOUR ACTIVITIES! So you 100% FOCUS […]

Get really good at creating opportunities.

Day 116 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! GET REALLY GOOD AT CREATING OPPORTUNITIES… Opportunities allow you to be in control of your destiny and they give you freedom to live the life you want. Opportunities bring prosperity, advancement, development, expansion, fulfillment… and when you are the one creating those opportunities, you put yourself in a very sweet […]

Feeling of… HAPPINESS.

Day 83 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!   How are you creating happiness everyday? Are you feeling happy when you wake up? Mid-day? At dinner time? At work or business? When going to sleep?  Most people don’t even notice the level of dissatisfaction or disappointment they live in daily because they are so used to it that […]

Timeline your future

Day 24 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! An empty future is not fun. A boring future is not what you want. Life is more fun when we are happy, excited, thrilled and inspired. Your future is like a clean canvas where we have total freedom to paint it the way we want to become real… and we […]

Laugh. Learn. Live.

For many years now, I have adopted this 1-2-3 mantra: “Laugh, Learn, Live at your very best!” Life is what we make out of it. We choose. We do. We create. We change. We delete. We reset. Laugh more every day. Learn things that excite you and provoke you. Live fully on your own terms and by your own definitions. […]

How to Find your Peace!

Finding your inner peace is an every day task that most people take for granted. Most people go from rush to rush never connecting with themselves in ways that totally please them and fulfill them. Take the time to find a spot you love, walk in nature, be by yourself, listen to your thoughts, dream about the life you want […]

We are the World!

Inspire yourself today listening to this amazing song. Raise your desire to create a meaningful life your yourself. Allow yourself to dream again! Here we go.. click the link and play it… sing it, dance it and repeat again 5 or 10 times today!

When to reach for success?

Every day be happy… find things to be happy about. Every day feel prosperous… find things in your life that are a result of your ideas, your actions and your effort. Every day feel proud of yourself! Happiness and prosperity are your Universal rights… access them, enjoy them and share them. Now, go and conquer your world today! See you […]