Feeling of… HAPPINESS.

Day 83 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!


How are you creating happiness everyday?

Are you feeling happy when you wake up? Mid-day? At dinner time? At work or business? When going to sleep? 

Most people don’t even notice the level of dissatisfaction or disappointment they live in daily because they are so used to it that it has become their normalcy.

There is a better way to create your life in a way that continually pleases you. 

You just have to be aware of including the feeling of HAPPINESS as an important component, an essential ingredient, a key element in your personal world on a daily basis.

Make this simple, yet powerful distinction. 

Being happy feels good… anything less than that is the opposite. 

Your job is not to wrestle your bad feelings to the ground.

Your job is to maintain your feeling of HAPPINESS steady… that’s the trick, the secret sauce.

When you make the feeling of HAPPINESS a priority, a default-setting, a habit, everything in your world is beautiful, fun, exciting, things happen, connections show up, deals close, relationships improve… you thrive! … and that feels awesome!


Practice the feeling of HAPPINESS all day. And tomorrow you do the same. And the next day, do it again. Until it feels a part of you.

Don’t worry about problems or challenges, they will come to you as an opportunity for you to practice how fast you end up balancing your feelings and emotions towards the HAPPINESS side of the equation.

Decide to live a happy life.

Commit to choosing happiness.

Build your networth, your business from a happy space.

Both, making money and feeling happy can be achieved when you focus your mind to do it!

How are you creating happiness everyday?


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