Real Estate Long-Term Goals.

Do you have Real Estate Long-Term Goals?

Do you have a time, a date, by when you want to have already achieved these goals?

Is it owning your primary residence?

Is it to own rental single family homes?

Is it to own commercial property, industrial or vacant land?

Building wealth with real estate is definitely doable, but it is not quick. It might take you 3 to 5 years before you are able to be in a good spot.

A good spot, I mean, is where you own property and that property pays you every month… and that passive income you receive is enough or more than what you spend monthly.

When you reach the threshold where income equals expenses, that’s a huge milestone.

However, when you surpass by leaps and bounds receiving more income than what you spend… then you have something really good going on.

What would that number, that dollar amount, be for you?

Is it… 5k. 10k. 15k. 20k. 50k. 100k. Monthly ???

It is your responsibility to keep that income coming for the rest of your life… and when you do… you will have totally transformed your life, your family, your lifestyle and even future generations.

Design a doable, achievable and prosperous real estate plan that gives you freedom, happiness and prosperity.

We can help you achieve your real estate long-term goals when you become an investor or an equity partner on our own deals.

We are currently building our long-term rental portfolio in Florida.

Let’s talk and explore how we can serve you better… call us directly at 786.663.0514




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