Real estate and your Cashflow!

Is your real estate cash flowing you in any way?

Years ago, over 20 years now… I bought this game from Robert Kiyosaki to learn about how to cashflow… to learn about assets… to learn how to build wealth.

I also bought it to teach and play with my wife Vianca and our kids Victor and Joshua… we made it a family game after dinner a few times per week.

It paid off!

Most people underestimate the value that learning about money has.

Learning about money is not evil or selfish.

Learning about money is extremely important so we can build wealth… enough wealth that we can take care of our family and ourselves for the years to come.

Don’t collect watches or caps or souvenirs… it’s senseless when you haven’t figure out a gameplan to sustain yourself financially.

Instead, collect houses… buy them, keep them, rent them, build them… and enjoy the benefits.

Enjoy the appreciation.

Enjoy the tax benefits.


Enjoy the Cashflow!

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