10th Anniversary of Really Awesome TV Network!


It all started one sunny afternoon while I was seating on my first ever-built home in Montura Ranch Estates. I was looking out the window watching a beautiful sunset.

I was thinking that I wanted to create a platform where I could share my thoughts, my ideas and at the same time, inspire others to do the same.

And… Really Awesome TV NETWORK was born.

But, right out of the gate, I realized that I knew nothing about technology, about code, about online marketing. Yet, I was determined to make it work and I did.

August 31th, 2012… I posted my first public announcement on our own livestream and video platform.

Initially, I thought it would be mainly suited for real estate professionals. But, soon enough, I realized that it was suited to everyone with a message to be shared… meaning, everyone!

In 10 years,

We have interviewed hundreds of business owners.

We have covered dozens of live events.

We have posted hundreds of blogs.

We have thousands of livestream video content.

We have created new training programs.

We have coached and mentored many through our daily shows.

We wrote and published a book.

We have inspired millions of people around the world to share their message, talents and expertise.

Now, what’s next…

We are committed to continue delivering and broadcasting GOOD NEWS ONLY!

We want to give our sincere Appreciation and Recognition to our entire team behind our engine that everyday makes sure we are live… THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Thank you to all our online friends who have watched our content throughout these 10 years!

We look forward to celebrate many more online anniversaries!

And we will close this announcement by saying: “We wish you to laugh, to learn and to live at your very best… wherever you are in your business, in your life and in the world. We wish you lots and lots of happiness and prosperity!”

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