Protect Your Intellectual Property.

Day 110 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

When you are building your business and you are writing posts, blogs, making videos, sharing your expertise… that’s your Intellectual property!

The way you share your message,  the words you use… that’s your intellectual property. 

When you come up with your own unique quote… that’s your intellectual property. 

When you lay out a business strategy that you came up with, even if it is by default, that’s your intellectual property. 

If you happen to innovate something, a product, a service, a concept… that’s your intellectual property. 

Now, how are you protecting your intellectual property? 

Do you have a Trademark?

Do you have it Registered as you being the owner?

Is your content on your website safe? Do you have rights to it?

When we post on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… now our content becomes public and it’s curated by search engines as their content if you directly posted your content on them.

The trick…

Post your content first on your own website ALWAYS. 

Then, share the link to the social media platforms… that way the initial share or root leads back to you always… and consequently, search engines will have no choice but to acknowledge that you are the original creator of your content…and they have to index it like such.

That is very good because it gives you brand recognition and curates the content you share as your original content.

So, from now on, before you share your wonderful posts and writings anywhere… make sure you put it on your own website first… and then share it.


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