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Day 26 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

We can not operate in isolation. Consequently, we must operate in teams, groups, in a society.

It is of monumental importance that you zero-in who are the people who will support your dreams.

This is not about convincing, begging and crawling so others join you in your dream… This is about attracting to you the correct people who will be inspired to join you effortlessly because they believe in your dream.

For that to happen, your posture toward your dreams must be stable, firm, clear, transparent, genuine, authentic, mind-blowing, inspiring.


Assess from those around you, those who know about your dreams, who is really a positive supporting player and who is not.

The ones who are not… leave them alone… it is not your job to change their mind.

Your job is to focus even more on where it is you are going… and proceed towards building your dreams successfully.

Choose at least one person and unconditionally work with this person together as a team to achieve your goals.

By now, you know how you best operate and how they operate because you did theĀ PrinciplesYOU assessment test. You know how to dance together as a team and support each other 100 percent.

Together, you now are more powerful and committed with each other and your dreams.


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