Where’s the Cashflow?

Day 9 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth

How do you cashflow now? … Daily? … Weekly? … Monthly? … only a few times per year?

Many people only cashflow when they get their paycheck or their commission check… times are changing quickly and now we have access to get paid even daily, consequently, we can cashflow every day.

Think about how can you establish or add this business-model to your current way to bring income home… think about subscription-based business model.

If you’re an employee for a company, you can keep your job and join an opportunity that allows you to build a team… which leads you to #1, increase your income… and #2, have passive, recurrent income every month.

If you own a business, think how can you best integrate a subscription-based model to any of your services or products.

If you own rental real estate, simply keep buying more units, more doors and make sure your cashflow is positve every month.

Think in terms of how improving and  increasing your cashflow will help you cycle faster, which means, will help you move money more times… make more income… so you can build up your net worth faster.

Building up your networth is about doing it effectively, efficiently and sustainably… the faster, the better.

You don’t need to take your time. Slow motion here, will kill you!

You need to do it as fast as you can, so you live money-worry free knowing that you are taken care of.

Today, enjoy this recent livestream which will give you a deeper sense on how can you cashflow even more.


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