How to Talk Yourself into Success.

Talk to yourself in a way that you will hear it and in a way that will serve you best.

Today, I am happy to share with you the exact language, the exact words, the exact message I use every day before I do anything in the early morning.

Let me introduce you to my Millionaire Approach Affirmations. 

I talk to myself with the intention to condition my mind for success every single day.

I have made this 15 minutes segment a fun part of my early morning routine because feeling good about myself make a huge difference on how I conduct my life and my business.

I simply read them out loud or I read them quietly to myself if I have company… I reflect on how each affirmation makes me feel inside that day.

Every day is a new experience… and I look forward to figure me out best so I can be even better.

Here they are for you:

Millionaire Approach Affirmations. 

1. MASTERY: My purpose is to master me, to master my thinking, my actions, my reactions and to lead myself to happiness and prosperity.

2. MINDSET: I work on my MINDSET every day…the right mindset will get me where I want to go.

3. MOMENTUM: One idea, my big desire and taking massive action will create my momentum and the results I will see is my validation to self.

4. MONEY: Money is the first thing people think about, yet money is the last thing I get when I am building my dreams because money is energy that shows up when I am ready to receive it and when I have already done the work.

5. IDEAS: One simple idea is enough to change my life forever. Ideas lead me to actions, actions lead me to results, and results will bring the very best out of me. And that is “ME”.

6. LASER-FOCUSED: My ability to focus on achieving my goals will dictate my level of success. It is easy to focus when I have total and absolute clarity on what is I am aiming for.

7. LEADERSHIP: I must lead myself first to success. This skill is essential in order to validate me. Someone who knows where is going is very attractive because it shows clarity, alignment and only then, others will follow.

8. LEGACY: What is it that I want in my life today, right now? What will I feel the most proud when I will be in my death-bed? Anything in between is my opportunity to create, to do, to build a legacy that will inspire others, including myself.

9. INNER-WISDOM: When I tap into myself and listen to self, I become powerful beyond believe. I know that I know what I gotta do.

10. INNOVATION: I have the ability to put something together, making it work for me even when I am not the initial creator. I don’t have to invent the wheel, I use the frickin wheel to take me where I want to go in life.

11. OWNERSHIP: I take complete ownership of my decisions regardless the outcome. When I do it, I empower myself. I’ll never ask anyone for their opinions because it doesn’t matter. I own it. I believe in myself.

12. NICHE: I have picked something specific that I am passionate about that no matter what, I know is my vehicle to get what I want. And I”ll do it for the rest of my life at the highest level.

13. NEGOTIATING-SKILLS: I train myself to negotiate as if my life would depend on it. I get results every time. I become empowered, confident & my mind leads me to win. I negotiate every single day in different ways at different levels.

14. NETWORTH: I understand that increasing  my networth gives me absolute freedom, both emotionally and financially.

15. ASSETS: I make it a priority to acquire, create, accumulate and manage my assets. Assets put money in my pocket. Nobody is gonna do it for me. It’s my responsibility.

16. INSPIRED: When I am inspired is easy to act, to execute, to follow my dreams because I know exactly what I am going to achieve.

17. RESPECT: I respect myself so much that I choose my meals, my drinks, my agenda and my mission in life at the highest level. I always respect others. And, consequently, the world respects me.

18. RESOURCEFUL: When I am focused on results, I become aware of the many resources available to me. I use them to achieve my goals, because they are available for me.

19. RESULT-ORIENTED: My specific results are my thermometer to know how well I am doing. I track my time. I track my money. I track how good I feel.

20. EDUCATED: My willingness to learn every day always pay off greatly. There is always something new I must learn in order to move myself to my next level.

21. ENTHUSIASTIC: I am enthusiastic just like when I was a kid. I gotta feel good about what I am pursuing. Being enthusiastic is positive energy flowing through me.

22. EXCELLENCE: I always strive to be the very best. Not third, not second. Only the first, because I am looking to win the Olympics in my industry and in my life.

23. ACTION-ORIENTED: Over-thinking is the enemy of action. Only taking massive action I will achieve my bigger goals.

24. AUTHENTIC: I am myself. My authentic self is charming and people love that.

25. PERSISTENT: I do it by doing it. Again, again and I do it again. I do it one more time. I keep doing it until I see the results I want.

26. PRACTICE: My repetition is my magic sauce. When it becomes easy is because I have already mastered the skills and then results follow every time.

27. PASSIONATE: I got to feel a burning desire inside of me. A desire that totally fills up every cell in my body. When I do, I totally thrive at whatever it is I want to accomplish.

28. PRODUCTIVE: I am aware that doing more activities is not necessarily being productive. I use my time and my energy to do activities that align towards achieving my goals faster and more efficiently.

29. PROCESS-DETAILED: I always reverse-engineer my plan of action. I perfect each step. I correct as I go. And if it doesn’t align with me achieving my goals, I simply don’t do it. Period.

30. PROFITABLE: One of my main responsibilities is to grow my profit margins all the time and every time. My financial reward must always be present, is #1 in every deal I make.

31. RESILIENT: I have what it takes to sort out any and all challenges that come to me. I stay strong. I stay firm. I stay solid in my desire to create the life I want.

32. RELENTLESS: I do not allow anything or anyone to get between me and my dreams. I make it a non-negotiable decision to create the life I want.

33. OPTIMISTIC: I always create best case scenarios. I expect and I trust that things always work out in my favor.

34. OPPORTUNITY-SEEKER: I am always in the look out for new, exciting and profitable opportunities. When I see them, I grab them, I buy them, I own them, I build on them, I rent them.

35. ACCOUNTABLE: I hold myself accountable to every decision I make in every step I take. I trust myself and I fully validate who I am.

36. CONSISTENT: My results are a clear proof of how firm and solid I am in my decisions. I got to be consistent with my actions day in and day out… I make it a success habit.

37. COMMITMENT: I train my mind to hold myself accountable to execute, to take action, to do it, to play bigger, to be excellent, to contribute more. I am committed to win.

38. CONFIDENT: Believing in myself is the greatest award I can give myself. I validate my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and my results. I am a successful person and I have high self-esteem.

39. HAPPY: It is my absolute responsibility to make me happy, every single day, because only then I am adding value to my life and to those I touch.


P.S… (( Feel FREE to copy them, print them, share them for your own personal use or for educational use for your teams, employees and associates.))

P.S… (( Maybe you get inspired to create your own affirmations. Go for it.))

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