We’ve reached over 2,000,000 people!

Today we have reached and surpassed a milestone.

Today we have over 2,000,000 people who are watching our livestreams.

And what is the big deal?

Well, this is being done totally organically… no paid traffic, no paid advertising, no pay-per-clicks campaigns, nothing of that.

We decided to simply share the content from our websites, from our network to Facebook and Twitter platforms on a consistent basis. That’s it… and the results show, the results speak for themselves.

At the beginning, people used to asked us: “Who watches your videos?” And honestly, we didn’t know how to exactly answer that question.

People many times have argued that using YouTube is better, that using Facebook is better, that using Twitter is better… and FREE… so why using our network to share their message, their videos and livestreams?

But, are they really better? Are they really better options FOR YOU as an individual?

We have had very clear that we offer a unique positioning to the individual, to the non-celebrity, to the one who is starting out online, the one who has no followers and no content when it comes to branding, when it comes to showing up into the world differently.

Our network is about self growth, self empowerment, self development.

We help you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! And we mean it, we even wrote a book about it that you can read and watch here for Free: I love LIVE streaming! – LAUGH. LEARN. LIVE @ YOUR BEST (ratvlive.com)

We help you enhance your marketing and  advertising skills that you need to become a leading authority in your area, your city, your  country, your industry and in the world.

We inspire you to believe in yourself and share your talents, gifts and expertise with the world.

We also share a wonderful program that will help you earn revenue by referring others to our network. Check out the www.homefreedomprogram.com and  join us!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed, who have watched our livestreams, who has laughed with us, who have learned with us. We truly intend to inspire you to LIVE AT YOUR  VERY BEST every single day.

We want you to be Happy and to be Prosperous!

And we will continue to deliver even more, even better for the days and years to come.

To see more videos, trainings, and our programs… visit: www.ReallyAwesomeTV.com

Success takes time and consistent work… and we invite you to start sharing your content and have others do the same!



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