JUNE 2019 PRIDE month!

This month of JUNE we are very happy to celebrate PRIDE MONTH!


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I can tell you that there are many achievements to celebrate.



We can freely walk in any street with our couple without fearing being beat up.

We can legally married, especially in Florida where I reside.

We can own businesses and display the gay flag as an honorable sign that we are lgbt friendly.

We can file our yearly income taxes together as a couple… something that was not possible just a short few years ago.

We can join many different organizations that support lgbt members without having to hide who we really love.


I know that there are still many roads to build when it comes to the LGBT+ community… but I think we can all agree that much progress is being made.


Let’s go and build better communities and families.

Let’s go and build even better businesses.

Let’s go and build an outstanding LGBT+ world that we are all proud of to be a part of it!


With much love…


~ Ms. Pino.




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