We are the World!

Inspire yourself today listening to this amazing song. Raise your desire to create a meaningful life your yourself. Allow yourself to dream again! Here we go.. click the link and play it… sing it, dance it and repeat again 5 or 10 times today!

Friday-to-Monday Self-Motivation Formula.

Are you happier on Fridays because you are expecting the weekend? Do you feel really excited over the weekend because you do things you love? Now, How do you feel on Sunday nights? And, How can you keep yourself HAPPY every day, especially Mondays? Well, This show will bring new options for you. We will go over a powerful simple […]


How many deals you have to close: *** to live in the house of your dreams, *** drive the car of your dreams, *** go on a luxury vacation Probably less than you think, but you are distracted doing things that don’t matter. With so much social media nonsense, most people are tuned in to all the things that do […]

Focus on one idea… and put your heart on it.

One idea, a plan of action and massive inspired actions will bring you all those wonderful things you want in your life… are you willing to put yourself to the test? #MillionaireApproach #success #business #SaturdayThoughts Most people want success, more money, more happiness, more of everything… yet, they are not willing to put the time and energy needed to achieve […]

How to STAND OUT from the crowd?

Be the one doing the videos. Be the one doing the blogs. Be the one doing the posting & sharing of your content. Be the one doing the trainings. BE THE ONE WHO STANDS OUT FROM THE CROWD & you’ll become the one who collects the money. Your expertise has value so charge for it. Most people are doing the […]

25 yrs. of Love 💘

Today we celebrate our 25 yrs. anniversary… what an amazing experience. We have grown together, raised 2 boys, one yorkie, built several businesses, gone through really difficult times, gone on many vacations, shared many wonderful meals and we have never being separated ever. We love each other, we respect each other… and I personally look forward to enjoying the rest […]

When to reach for success?

Every day be happy… find things to be happy about. Every day feel prosperous… find things in your life that are a result of your ideas, your actions and your effort. Every day feel proud of yourself! Happiness and prosperity are your Universal rights… access them, enjoy them and share them. Now, go and conquer your world today! See you […]

Can you Build your Wealth building Homes?

Can you build your wealth building homes?What do you need to know? Where do you start? Have ever thought about becoming a Real Estate Developer? Can you build your wealth building homes?… I will answer “YES” to this question. This show will answer many questions for you. Better yet, it will give you great insight about how can you get started […]

International Women’s Day: I celebrate Vianca!

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day and I truly want to honor my lovely wife Vianca. She is sweet, kind and funny. She is firm, tough and will give you a straight-talk. She is loving, an excellent mother and the most loyal business partner everyone will ever want. And additionally, she cooks wonderfully! Enjoy this livestream… we did it a […]