30 Ways to Become a Real Estate Millionaire.

There are many ways to become a millionaire. My top three industry choices are… health care, technology and real estate. However, my favorite is most definitely real estate. You can buy it… You can rent it… You can build it… You can sell it… Here are 30 real estate ways to become a millionaire: 1. Building New Homes. 2. Home […]

How to Change Yourself.

Week 32. Day 211 – 217 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! This week, I want to inspire you to further advance in your self development and self awareness by sharing with you this really good material from Dr. JOE DISPENZA. Maybe you find yourself stuck in some areas of your life and you really wish to feel […]

Start your day with a positive reminder.

Yes, breakfast is important… what we eat in the morning will fuel us to feel great the whole day. Yes, what we fuel our minds is even more important… because it will dictate where we are going in life… what we are focusing our energy on… and where our intentions are to achieve the life we want. Find a mentor […]

Always Learn from Others!

Millionaire Approach Tip #19: “Always be willing to learn from others” ~Ms. Pino. EVERYONE brings VALUE to our life. Be willing to learn from others. Be willing to add value to others. Thank you for watching… for sharing… and for being willing to learn from others to enhance your own life! You may now purchase your copy of ‘A Millionaire’s […]