Doris White: One of A Kind Walking Art. Live Stream #511.

Recorded 4 years and 11 months ago
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We welcome DORIS WHITE! Doris came to the United States in 1988 where she found hairdressing, a creative outlet that could also make a living. However, it was not enough. She needed more of an outlet. After returning from a trip to visit family in Colombia Doris was inspired to paint after seeing her bother’s artwork. In 1999 she cultivated her inner artist by painting and showing her art with Art on the Boulevard in Ft. Worth, Texas. Her first painting was accidentally left out for display before it was finished and had an interested buyer. Her friend at the gallery call her and wanted to know how much she would like to sell it for. Doris quoted a ridiculously high price thinking there was no way they would go for the price since it is not finished. The buyer agreed to the price. Doris had sold her first painting! There was no turning back now, Doris knew right then that she had, indeed, found her creative outlet. Doris traded her scissors for a paintbrush and painted full time in her private studio for several years. She began making a name for herself by hosting art shows in her Lake Worth home which she and her husband designed. Her art was also displayed at the Ostèopathic Hospital, Evelyn Segal Gallery, the Ft. Worth Art Community Center Gallery, and the Milan Gallery. In 2009 Doris’ art work won a contest to be used as the advertising materials for the Jazz By The Boulevard festival in Ft. Worth. Her painting was turned into posters, banners, flyers, t-shirts, and bags. To be chosen from the many applicants was a great honor and further validation of her skill. Doris has continued to hone her craft; painting constantly. She has turned some of her art pieces into one of a kind purses which feature a custom work of art tailored for each purse. As interests grew for the purses she later invited her artist brother Henry White who got her hooked into painting to start with to create some pieces to be turned into purses as well. In late 2015 Doris and her Husband moved to Hollywood, Florida where she is showing her paintings and purses in the DeBilzan gallery. She is now painting in the gallery’s studio where she continues to find her artistic voice and refining her style. “When I am painting I feel like a butterfly. Free. If I don’t paint I get depressed. If I paint, my pain goes away.”- Doris White   In This Show: -Doris will share how she started her unique way of painting. -She explains how and why she traded her Scissors for a Painting Brush. -Find out why she feels that Creating Art is an out of the Box Talent. -Are you wanting to become prosperous doing what you love...Doris shares how to stop holding yourself back. -Find out how Doris gets inspired to paint her masterpieces. -Get to know what Colombian Artist Inspires her to Express herself through her paintings. -Doris shares how you can too get inspired with the simple things in life. -She shares how she started creating Unique One of A Kind Purses. -Life is a canvas for self expression without compromising who you are, -Find out what Doris calls the "Walking Art". -Doris welcomes everyone to come to her Art Studio. -Meet Doris' Studio Companion Sasha. -Find out what is one idea, venture or project that Doris has not achieved just yet... and when she does and she will... it will make even happier. . To connect directly with Doris White: Website: Email: Phone number: 817-657-3230 Address: #120 S.20th Ave. Hollywood,FL,33020 We THANK YOU all for watching this show... for sharing our message around the world... and for making the decision to do whatever it takes to create the life you truly desire, on your own terms and with your definitions... and apply Your Inner Artistic Talents in your life to become super successful!

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