Study Success.

If you want to be successful, study success! Learn all you can about successful people, successful companies, successful leaders, successful products, successful services, successful strategies, successful athletes. Usually our parents and family members have the best intentions to help us, but if success is what you are wanting… if high levels of success is truly what you want to get, […]

My #SaturdayVibes.

My #SaturdayVibes are full of wonderful thoughts about my upcoming events, my upcoming new homes, my upcoming livestreams, my upcoming new friends, my upcoming books, my upcoming date nights, my upcoming nature walks, my upcoming travels around the world. Life is beautiful when you choose to create a beautiful life for yourself. Today, take a few minutes to think about […]

Always PRACTICE your Game.

Every day is a new opportunity to practice your game… in life and in business. Take advantage of the time you have now to think, to create, to redesign, to revise all of your personal, business and life goals. It doesn’t matter your age! We will always have a new goal at hand that we want to achieve.   Today, […]

Obstacles = Expansion in your Life.

How do you deal with obstacles? How do you handle problems? How do you manage your daily challenges? Today, we share 7 simple and very powerful tips to help you find SOLUTIONS. We all have challenges, problems and issues to deal with on a daily basis…and how we deal with them will determine the quality of our life…so, the more […]

Have the courage to succeed!

A life without success is a life wasted. We have ideas, talents and expertise that we can use to become successful. It is our focus to attention that will make that happen or not. Today, think about one idea, one talent, one expertise you can implement to take yourself to new heights in life and in business.  

Put your Passion Online.

What are you passionate about? What do you love to talkĀ  about? It’s absolutely possible to establish yourself as a credible source in any area, any industry by putting yourself online, choosing a niche and building a business around your chosen topic. Technology gives you tremendous leverage… you can set up your website to be a resource, a learning and […]

My eyes only see Real Estate…

Have you ever acknowledged that we are totally surrounded by real estate? Everywhere we turn, everywhere we go… there is real estate. It is so obvious. It is so absolutely in our face that only a few people take advantage of it. In a world with over 7 billions of us… there is a very small percent of people who […]

Net Worth Goals.

What are your net worth goals for this year… for this month… for this lifetime? A while back, I did a series called Joy-to-Millions where I shared different topics and you can still watch right here. Click on the links below: *****This is a series of 7 streams, enjoy them! ***** First introductory round of “Joy to Millions Series” by […]