Abraham Hicks, the greatest gift is…

Day 168 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! “The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.” – Abraham Hicks.  Get yourself stable on the idea that being happy every day is a good thing. Find things that make you feel happy inside. Do things that pleases you. Surround yourself with people that invoke your […]

Benefits of being 24 Hours with Yourself.

Day 146 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! We are always busy, doing different things, going to different places, engaging with different people and like that, in constant motion, we live our lives almost non-stop. What if… Today, you set your alarm for 24 hours to be by yourself alone in your own inner space. Prepare ahead of […]

Be A Turtle When You Want To.

Day 143 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! How many times have you felt rushed to do something or make a decision… and you know you need more time to sort out your best option? We all have experienced that feeling of pressure… and honestly, it is very uncomfortable. Today, I want to share a very simple perspective […]

Track how GOOD you feel.

  Day 17 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!   The way we feel dictates how we think, how we act, how we behave, how we react, how we execute, how we project ourselves, how others perceive us. There is so much unspoken conversation that is carried out that is totally controlled by the way we feel… that […]