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Blair Singer in my life!

To spend time and be personally mentored by Blair Singer is one of the amazing gifts I have received this year. He told me in front of many people: “Martha, you are a champion of entrepreneurship”… I am so grateful to you Blair…the way you patiently asked me questions to help me better… you coached me with your heart and […]

Happy Thanksgiving my Friends!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING AMERICA!!! May you all celebrate your Blessings, your family, your health, your life , your friends… Give THANKS to everything and everyone in your life. We, THANK YOU all for your love and support. We invite you to make this day memorable for you and your loved ones! This is a quick message from us… Click and Watch […]

Las Vegas 2015, the GMP by New Peaks.

We are very happy to share a few insights of our experience in Las Vegas recently. We are active members of the Global Mastermind Program offered by New Peaks. This program is for Business owners and Entrepreneurs who has a burning desire to grow and expand their businesses.  The intimate gathering at the Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas was absolutely fenomenal. […]

The Power of “FUN”.

Are you Having much FUN this days? Are you not Having enough FUN lately? 95% of the people do not have much fun in their every day basis. Why? …they are doing things they don’t like… they are barely surviving as if they have no other choice… they have given up on their dreams… and we can go on, and […]

My Personal “WHY” movie 2015.

Hello World, I decided to create this movie to share with all of you, millions of amazing souls… the magic of creating a world of wealth, a world of inspiration, a world of friendships, a world of success, a world of opportunities … a world where we all can be at our highest level… we all deserve it! … and […]

Failure & Bouncing Back!

Have you ever felt like a complete failure? Do you feel now like a failure? Let’s start by sharing that we have had those moments too. You are not alone. And also, you are not staying there forever either. You have the power to bounce back out of any difficult situation rather quickly. So, do not beat yourself up. We […]

24 years ago, this day, in my life.

September 14, 1991. A day in life that forever I will remember as a sweet and sour day. My family is all gathered in our home in Cuba to say their last goodbyes as my parents, my son and myself are leaving the country. We are flying to the United States of America to start a new life. We were […]