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Is your Website or Blog making you Passive Income?

Do you make Passive Income now? Does your website or blog make you Passive Income? Today, we are sharing simple solutions that you can add to your current website or blog so you can leverage yourself and start earning more revenue. PASSIVE INCOME is the ultimate way to generate revenue and be able to enjoy your life every single day. […]

How are YOU serving others?

How are you helping others? How are you contributing to make this world a better place? As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service…we want to invite you to ask yourself the above-mentioned questions. Today, we all enjoy freedom, peace and equality in a way that Dr.Martin Luther King only was able to dream about it…even though I […]

Celebrating the 300th TV show of MsPinoLIVE!

We are extremely happy to share with you all our 300th consecutive livestream TV show today!  About a year ago, we committed to be on camera LIVE at noon to share our message, to share our stories, to share our expertise, to share our talents… to inspire others around the world. We believe that everyone has a valuable message that […]

Do you Have M.A.S. in your life for 2016?

Are you a Millionaire today? Are you one of the lucky winners of the lottery today? …if you are, you must be on your way to claim your money. If you are not…then, you will be working on 2016 to make your dreams come true. But, Do you have a clear, laser focused plan? If you are a business owners, […]


Ready to Celebrate 2016?  Ready to say: “HAPPY NEW YEAR”? We wish you a fabulous NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION.We send you Love, Peace, Health, Wealth and Happiness wherever you are in the world. May 2016 bring to you more abundance, more prosperity, more love, more happiness, more health and more of everything that is truly important for you and your family. […]

How can I deliver more VALUE to more PEOPLE in less TIME.

A million dollar question that all successful business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves all the time?… “HOW CAN I DELIVER MORE VALUE TO MORE PEOPLE IN LESS TIME?’ We invite you to watch this recent show: Click and Watch now!!! Now that you have watched our show… I want to share an easy way you can give more value to […]

Zoltan… I thank you for teaching me to slow down!

“You are very likeable, you have a good presence, you talk well…but, you are a fireckacker…you have to slow down”…this is a very brief excerpt of one of my mentorship sessions with Zoltan this year… I love him!. Zoltán Hrotkó is an international speaker, dynamic teacher and high-impact communication coach. His wide range of clients include:  United Nations delegates; the […]

Today, I am Thankful to Larry Gilman!

Larry is an amazing soul. He is a gentleman. He is funny. He is direct. He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He will tell it like it is with love and compassion. He is an awesome mentor. One of those that you will remember for the rest of your life. This year, I had the privilege to […]

Aurelio Pino in my Life!

My grandfather, Aurelio Pino is one gift I received when I was born. Today, December 2nd is his birthday… and I definitely want to celebrate him. This picture was on his birthday back in 2005. He was a successful man in many ways. He owned businesses. He put himself to school and graduated with honors from the University of Havana […]