WHY be Wealthy?

Week 42… Day 286 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 79 more days to go!

Being wealthy allows you to live a life of absolute pure possibilities… be… do… have… everything you want!

Being wealthy is to have more opportunities available to you in almost every aspect.. it’s having freedom… it’s having options.

If you’re like me and most people you know and you do not come from a wealthy family, it will be a challenge to accept that you deserve to be wealthy.

You will sabotage your success… and you’ll take less than you deserve… just because having to much money is totally unfamiliar to you.

Way before I hit my first million in real estate by age 33, I did endless hours of studying success and studying successful people.

Practice the feeling, the thought of being wealthy.

Play with the idea of you and 1 million dollars… what will you do with a million dollars today?

Will you invest it?

Will you spend it?

Grab paper and pen… and write down exactly how will you use a million dollars today.

Have fun…

See you tomorrow…

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