Exercise your Gratefulness.

Week 41… Day 280 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 85 more days to go!

It is simple, easy and very fulfilling advice what I will share today: EXERCISE YOUR GRATEFULNESS EVERY DAY!

As I walked today for about one hour, I came across this bunny… he stopped and watch what my reaction was… I stopped to watch his reaction as well.

We both acknowledged each other presence.

We both respected each others spaces.

We both stayed present for the time we were interacting with other.

Maybe… just maybe… we should do more of that more often in our daily business practices:

  • Be more aware of those around us.
  • Be more respectful.
  • Be 100% present when we are with people.

Being grateful to everyone and for everything that comes into our awareness is a very healthy way to expand our networth.

Be grateful to your clients, your vendors, your associates, your banker, your lawyers, your accountant, your advisors, your mentors.

Be grateful for your wellness, your happiness and your prosperity!

Tomorrow is another day… get ready to make it amazing!… See you all tomorrow with more business advice!


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