My Reputation.

Week 40… Day 267 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 98 more days to go!

Both, in business and in life, most people are always worried about their reputation.

What will people think of me? What will people say about me?

The truth… is … that you can not control what others might say about you… whether is true or false… so become immune and build a thick skin.

If you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, you already have 5,000 different reputations… and none of them is something you can control.

Be OK with being just you. Do your best. Have good intentions. Be a good person regardless of any outcome.

Your real reputation is how YOU see yourself… and that is what you should care about. Period.

You will make mistakes and people will waste no time to crush you… but, that is none of your business… it is only their opinion of you based on their narrow understanding of who they think you really are.

Free yourself up now… and keep moving forward with your head up high building your networth, your wealth and be a happy human being.

You don’t live out of your reputation. You live out of your cashflow, your assets, your networth and your wealth.


Stop romanticizing with the idea of being liked by everyone… it doesn’t work!

Get real. Grow up and behave like a grown up man or a grown up woman.

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